CESURA PUBLISH is an independent photography publishing house based in the hillside of Milan.
The publisher, born in 2010 as a branch of homonymous group CESURA, started to print its first publications as a meaning of self promotion for the group member’s activities, whom all focused on photojournalism and social issues.
Since 2016, CP started working with both group’s author and external emerging artists, keeping its core research focused on its original key elements, releasing a selected range of limited edition photo books per year.
In 2017 CP established its own Artist in Residence “Residence on the hills”; the result of this annual photography experience held every May is a printed photobook of an emerging artist that will be published in September.

Italy & Italy (2016), Russian Interiors (2014) and Found Photos in Detroit (2011), featured in The Photobook: A History Vol. III, by Martin Parr and Gerry Badger published in 2014 by Phaidon, are indeed CP’s most relevant publications awarded through the years.